Do you need a hand in your business but you’re not sure exactly what you need?

You need a Virtual Assistant. 

If the fact that you’re unsure what help you need is anything to go by then a VA is exactly what you need.

Here are 9 benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant to give you a hand:

1. Flexible Working Hours

A Virtual Assistant can provide you with far more flexibility than an in-house P.A. or Administrator.  Often, Virtual Assistants don’t keep regular working hours and can be available for a chat outside of your business opening hours.  It is a perfect solution for busy business owners who don’t have enough working hours in the week.

In addition, you don’t have to stick to part-time or full-time hours.  Your V.A. will only work when you need him/her to.  That means you only pay for the hours you need.

2. Confidentiality as Standard

Virtual Assistants are skilled business owners themselves and are used to strict data protection processes.  You can always guarantee that your VA will treat your business and clients as they would their own.  After all, it’s all part of the job to help your business succeed.

3. Consistent Working Relationship

Hiring a Virtual Assistant on a long-term basis will help you to build a great working relationship.  That’s not to say there won’t be a few teething problems to start with, but air your misgivings and talk to each other like the business owners you are.  You will find that the relationship will be a fruitful one.

4. Time Saving

Running a business is time consuming and the admin often seems never ending.  A Virtual Assistant will help you reclaim your valuable time to concentrate on what you do best.  You can hand over the admin and know that it will be completed to perfection and in time.

5. Cost Effective

Virtual Assistants can be full-time, part-time or ad-hoc.  If you need a couple of hours a week you don’t have to pay for more.  There’s simple packages and a simple pricing structure.  There’s also no recruitment or agency fees to pay.

6. Discretion is a top priority

Every Virtual Assistant works closely with their clients to achieve personal and seamless results.  Nobody need even know the work wasn’t carried out in-house.  Of course, if you want to share then that is your prerogative.

7. No Employee Responsibilities

One amazing benefit of using a Virtual Assistant is that you the headaches of tax and national insurance aren’t yours.  The VA you hire will sort all that out as they are self-employed.  You also don’t pay them to eat their lunch or go to the toilet. 

8. Remote Workers

Virtual Assistants tend to work remotely from their own home or office.  This is great for your because they don’t require you to find space for an additional desk in your office.  Your V.A. will still be on the end of the telephone should you need an update.

9. Every Virtual Assistant is unique.

And, no, you’re not going to get on with everyone.  One V.A. might not be the best option for you and your business but that doesn’t mean they all won’t.  Every V.A. has a different skill set because they are all unique individuals.  There’s bound to be one out there that fits with you.   

So, are you convinced yet?

Just in case you want to be reminded of these points, here’s a handy infographic for you to save and share. 

Hiring a V.A. has many benefits, but it isn’t a one size fits all scenario. 

Choose wisely and check out the services Virtual Assistants offer.