I have been a Blogger for so long it’s not really worth talking about and in those years I’ve seen some really great Blogger Outreach programmes but then also a million poorly executed and not very beneficial ones.  The question is though, what makes a Blogger Outreach Programme and what breaks it?

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship?

The great thing about Blogger Outreach is the benefits to your brand.  But it is only mutually beneficial if both parties get something out of it.

Before you start looking for bloggers to promote your brand it’s worth thinking about what you hope to gain from it.   Do you want advertising?  A little bit of buzz about your brand?  New customers?

Next, think about your target audience.  Are they book lovers, Mums, DIY nuts, fitness gurus?  There’s a blog out there to fit every demographic but you have to do your research.  It’s always worth considering the demographics because, as a Blogger, unless a campaign fits and is relevant then it’s just a waste of your time sending me the email, and my time in replying.  I may even NOT bother to reply.

Finally, give a thought about the Blogger, how would the Outreach programme work for them?  Would you prefer to pay them advertising fees, or would you prefer to offer them the product to try for themselves?   Bloggers can turn you down if the campaign isn’t worth their time and energy.

Deadlines & Commitment

It is always important to have an deadline for any outreach you decide to do.  You want quantifiable results.  You need to be able to justify the expense of the programme in a certain timeframe.

Don’t choose the biggest blogger with the biggest following straight off… wait and find the ones who stand out to you.  After all, it’s not all about stats and followers.  If a blogger feels the job is right they will go to the ends of the earth for it.  If they’re just accepting because you’re offering, they are never going to do your brand justice.  (I’ve been there myself – I no longer do that one.)

Finally, if you want results, you are going to have to stick to your end of the bargain and offer them something worth working for.  Don’t ask them for a post a month for 6 months in exchange for a £2.99 product.  Offer something more and stick to it.  Don’t try to rip them off.  News travels fast. If your product isn’t expensive then offer them some paid blogging jobs to cover their work.  They’ll appreciate the payment.

Enjoy the adventure

Blogger Outreach is a big adventure.  One that’s worth every step as long as you put the effort in.  Bloggers are great to work with and often have ideas you may never have even thought of.  Sometimes all it takes is a little chat to expand in an online world.  Remember, Bloggers talk so you’re likely to be able to expand your network quickly.

So your next steps are: Network, make contacts and most will be happy to help you out just make sure it’s mutually beneficial.